1st June 12th July

1st June 12th July

Two Forties were landed early in June making it a total of 4  different 40′s for the year.

The middle of June was a slow few weeks , due to some late spawning fish and the abundance of fry that the carp were gorging on.  There have been a total of  21 thirties landed , one hundred and nine twenties and eighteen below twenty.

The big fish were as follows

41.00, 41.00,37.09,36.04,35.00,34.12, 34.06,34.04, 34.00,33,12,33.08,33.00,33.00,32.06,32.00,32.00,31.12,31.04,31.00,30.12,30.00

1st May 31st May

1st May 31st May.

Two forties, Chilly at a joint record weight of 48lb,Single line at 41.06,40 thirties many fish at record weights, nineteen of these over 35lb, The big plated was landed at 39.12, just missing 40lb.Another common at 37.14 a different one from last months,the fat linear weighed in at a record 38.11. There were 81, twenties caught and 28 teens.below is a list of the fish over Thirty.

Update 10th June: another 2 forties caught , Bruce’s at a record 41lb and the pretty one at a record 41lb.!!


June fish not included in the list below.

April 2014

April 1-30th

The season has kicked off with a bang  A New FORTY Single Line 41.06, Chilly’s at 45.02

A new record Common at 37.14(not the scar common the previous biggest)  27 thirties caught since the beginning of the month at least 7 fish at record weights Brucy’s 39.02lb(not a record) Single scale at a record 37.00lb, the Fat linear at a record 36.12, The Starburst mirror at a record 36.04, Chunky at a record 35.08, Shoulders at 34.00 others 37.05, 37.04,36.02, 35.15, 35.02, 34.06,34.00,34.00,33.12,33.00,30.04,30.02 and commons,nine, low thirties there has been 108 twenties landed including 4/5 scales at a record 29.12. four other fish just below thirty, and 14 doubles.



March is off to a flying start with eleven thirty’s already landed

Chris Conway having the magnificent “Single Line”  39.06  an amazing weight for this time of year.

Many twenties have also put in an appearance as the fish just start to warm up..

January February update


January:Six thirties and  a bakers dozen of twenties , and a smattering of teens.

February: started slow but the fishing improved in the middle of the month a total of 8 thirties and 24 twenties caught this month. . Matt Miller,  closed a session  with a catch of 12 including 2 thirties the others all twenties. Bill Phillips caught 3 thirties the biggest 36.08 lb Mirror. Dan Harris landed a Mirror 0f 36.10 on the last day of the month.

December 31st 2013

December:The fishing has been very good this month , amongst the catches Mark and Matt Miller landed 31 Carp in their last session including 5 thirties to 37.08 and 19 twenties. Simon Mason caught Chilly’s fish at 45.11, and Leon Bathropp landed Brucy’s at 39.02  there has been another 11 thirties captured since the beginning of the month.Although only a few people fishing for Pike the fishing has been consistently good.

2nd Jan update, the first thirty of the year caught 38.00 congratulation to Andy Taylor.

11th Jan update, another five 30′s landed “The big plated” 38.02.


26th July 21st August

26th July 21st August.

The weather has remained warm, but I’m pleased to report the fishing has remained constant despite the lake being lightly fished.

There has been 23 different thirty pound carp caught since the last post, the highlight must be the Big Common coming off the top at 35.00, congratulation to Stuart Roberts , this fish has not been seen since Damien Clarke caught it for “Thinking Tackle” in 2009, although this fish has been known to weigh up to 38.00, it was not at a time when the fish would be at peak weight. Also the Grey Plated was landed a fish we were worried about, it was reported to be in fine health.

5th-25th July

5th/25th July

The weather has certainly warmed up this month, I am hearing of fisheries all over the country suffering from oxygen crashes. I just hope the aeration system we installed and the work to the trees to help aerate the lake, continue to keep our fish safe from the worse effects of this protracted heatwave. There have been many good fish caught this month with 10 fish over the thirty being landed, Chilly’s has been out again at 40.06. and nine over 30.

Mirrors 40.09, 35.15,32.08,34.08,31.10,30.06,30.00.Thirty four 20′s and 18 Doubles.

Commons.,31.02,31.00,30.04. Twenty Six Twenties and 20 Doubles.

17th June 4th July

17th June 4th July.

The stop start weather,protracted the length of the spawning season, but Im pleased to say most of the fish  have managed to spawn. The highlight of the Month must be Jez Thorpe’s capture of “The Pretty One” at a new record weight of 40.04. Most of  our bigger fish were not caught in recent weeks and therefore have not come out at record weights. In some ways I am happy that these fish have not been captured whilst full of spawn, in such a tricky weather pattern.However there have been another 18 thirties caught including a completely spawned out Chilly’s at 39.00lb caught by Matt Webb, who informs me of the cracking condition of the fish.”Keefs” came out at 38.02 caught by Keiron Bell and Simon Mason had a brace of big commons of 36.06,35.06 we are trying to establish what common the bigger one is.

1-16th June

1-16th June 2013

The weather has been a key factor again so far this month, with the unseasonal cold North Easterly winds putting pay to the Carps early attempts to spawn, as a consequence the fishing has been slower than last month. However there has still been 15 thirty pound fish banked with a good proportion of these middle thirties.With warmer weather forcast lets hope the fish will spawn shortly.

Mirrors 37.04,36.04,35.04,35.00,34.13,33,12,32.06,31.10,30.10,30.04,30.03,27.00,26.09,26.08,26.03,26.02,25.10,25.07,25.06,24.12,24.08,24.06,24.04,24.00,22.12,22.05,22.05,22.00,21.08,21.00,20.08,17.08,17.00,14.00,13.08,13.06.

Commons 35.00,34.14,34.08,30.08,27.12,26.00,25.12,25.06,25.04,25.03,25.00,24.15,24.12,24.10,24.08,23.0022.06,22.00,21.12,21.05,20.12,20.02,20.00,19.09,19.0018.12