The lake has been re opened today after a two week close season. 17th -31st March

During this time we have managed to achieve a lot.

All swim repairs have been completed, the paths and swims have all been woood chipped, the removal of misplaced trees has continued, the difference in light levels along the River bank is striking.The whole lake has been weed sprayed.

We have fed the fish during the close period , we have introduced 600kg of elite trout pellet 400kg of Barley 100kg of boilies.

Good luck to you all for the forth coming season

Winter Tickets


A limited number of winter tickets are now available , running from October until March. 

Price £350.


Please fill in the online application form stating that you want a winter ticket and I will be in touch.


The New Residents at Chilham arrive.  Winter Tickets available

I am pleased to report that VS Fisheries C5 carp were stocked on the 18th November.These fish are truly stunning, they are all Leaney/Sutton or Leaney/ Dinks crosses.A further stocking of fish will take place again in the spring of 2013.

I wanted to make sure that the stunning head of carp that we have at Chilham continues with a steady stream of young highly graded carp. All these fish have been added only when other fish have been removed ,so with the gradual reduction of catfish and the further removal of silver fish we are not interfering with the biomass of the lake.The website to read all about these fish is

New Stocking

As promised earlier in the year, we are waiting for delivery hopefully this month of VS Fisheries C5 Carp. these in my opinion and a lot of other fishery owners are the best carp money can buy. You can read all about these fish on


We have started to reduce the  number of  trees surrounding the lake, this is truly a mammoth task, but a necessary one for the benefit of the lake. The reduction will be ongoing over the next few years.

Winter tickets still available.

August 12

The lake aeration project, is now complete with one large electrical aerator being fitted alongside three wind turbine aerators.We are still going to introduce C5 VS fisheries carp in November.The removal of the catfish has slowed somewhat as very few are being landed at the moment, however the plan stays the same to remove all of them.There will be another netting of silver fish in November to reduce the biomass further to help keep our carp growing and to allow room for our new residence.The track surrounding the lake will see repairs this week with 300 tons of type one being used to even the entire track.We have now identified 84 carp over thirty pounds many of these look set to keep growing at a rapid rate. Tight Lines Vince Leader

Summary of last Season.

Welcome to the New Season at Chilham Mill Carp Syndicate.Last season was a great success, with so many anglers having multiple 30lbPlus carp in one session.Some sessions were truly incredible.The total number of DIFFERENT 30lb plus fish caught was 61,with three fish making it to over40lb.The best weight 46.08lb.The large number of high twenties will be interesting to watch to see if they too can join the 30 plus club.We will be introducing some C5 fish from VS fishery later in the year, I have very high expectations for these fish. The introduction of aerators to the lake to keep the dissolved oxygen high, coupled with the removal of unwanted fish will all contribute to the fisheries continual reputation to create fast growing hard fighting specimen carp.

7th November – 27th November

Congratulations to Pat Isaacs for winning the Catfish Trophy for the most captures. Below Adam Penning presents Pat with his Trophy, £50 voucher plus an addittional prize of £25 from Fatfish Tackle.

The lake produced its biggest common since April 2011 at 35.05 one of which has been steadily growing all year from 30.00lbs when it was first caught by a syndicate member.

It has also become apparent that the pike are really going for it. One of the members had 11 in a short session, successful methods include dead baits, plugs, spoons.

Now onto the catch report:

24th October – 7th November

Well what can I say about Chilham Mill over the past 10 days? Absolute excellence! I believe there have been 3 members taking a brace of 30′s in their session with 3 of those fish being in excess of 35lb! The weather is extremely mild for this time of year, and as you can see the fish are responding well. This time last year, I believe we had our first dustings of snow! If you can, take advantage of the fishing, keep the bait going in, and it should fish through the winter as it normally does. Keep it going, and happy angling.

7th October – 24th October

As you are aware, there has been a dramatic change in the weather over the last 10 days, with the first frosts spreading across kent and the water temperatures dropping, it really triggered the big girls in to coming out to play. Chillies fish made an appearance at 46.08, and we can only hope that the next time it gets caught, it will be a new record for Chilham Mill at a possible 47+. Bruce’s fish came out at 36.04, Along with the Pretty One at 33.14, and also a superb 36.02 Fish that we’ve named Mini Chillies. There was also a Mirror out at 33.14 which was also a top weight for that fish, and can now be seen in the gallery. As long as the fish keep  being fed quality winterised food, the fishing will continue to be steady.

4th October – 7th October

Good news from the mill. The recent band of low pressure has really improved the fishing and the fish are  back on the munch. The Grey Plated who has played hide and seek since April,  has been out today for the 3rd time this year at an impressive 37.02. Takes seem to be coming from all around the lake with the top end claiming the bigger fish.

An example of the last few days angling:

9 x Doubles – Up to:

9 x Twenties – Up to:

5 x Thirties – Up to: 37.02