My name is Vince Leader I am an avid angler with a passion for carp fishing. I have finally achieved a life long ambition to own a lake of the size and quality of Chilham Mill, the negotiations have been arduous but the reward is that Chilham Mill can remain one of the finest Carp fisheries in the country.I believe that by owning a lake with limited membership it will be possible to offer an exclusive relaxed fishing experience with none of the downsides associated with large memberships. It is a clear ambition of everyone involved in this project that Chilham Mill will not only be a top premier syndicate, but will be a friendly community for like minded anglers.
For those that are not familiar with what Chilham Mill offers, here are some brief details.It is a stunningly beautiful twenty six acre spring fed lake with depths to eight feet. There is a wealth of features,every one of the thirty two swims has features in front of it. There is car access to all of the swims. The stock levels are in access of  four hundred carp with Nine  known forties including” Chilly’s” at forty nine pounds.There are more than 80 carp over the thirty pound mark, a lot of these are closing in on the 40lb . The average weight of the fish is estimated at 27lb. Catfish are also stocked, the biggest of which was last caught at 65lb, although we are gradually reducing  their  numbers. There are also Pike to 35lb.
The lake has had a major  makeover All swims have been widened and straightened where necessary, the base of each swim has been scraped and they have had 10mm stones added with wood chipping on top. There  has been extensive work carried out to the track that surrrounds the lake this has been widened and hardened. We  have introduced an environmentally friendly aeration system  to keep the dissolved oxygen levels high which  keeps our fish feeding all year! We have also reduced the number of trees surrounding the lake as it was starting to be choked by them. We have an ongoing stocking policy in place, VS fisheries c5 carp were introduced in 2012 and  2013 , 2015 and 2016  to ensure the future of the fishery. We have built  an Otter fence around the whole perimeter of the lake in 2014  this has not only protected us from Otters but will keep the lake secure.
This years fees £1050  2017.
To apply for  potential membership please complete an online application.

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